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Join us in 1000 acres of prime agricultural, farming & ranching land



We are called to create a purposeful sanctuary allowing ourselves and our families to live comfortably in the center of an extremely productive God centered agricultural community that will produce an abundant amount of healthy organic food (beef, goat, lamb, chicken, eggs, Guinea hens, deer, turkey, quail, pheasant, fruits and vegetables) to feed not only our own community but neighbors and other God centered groups who may be called to us in times of civil discord.


We will not only establish this sanctuary for our generation, we will preserve it for future generations as we are called to do in the bible for His Kingdom, under His authority and to prepare for His return.

We welcome you to enjoy our website and read about what brought us here, and how you can join us in our Safe Haven Sanctuary.

A Safehaven

The Ozark Mountains

Our sanctuary is called to be built in the beautiful Ozark mountains prophesized as a safe haven by Christians for many years. Individual prayer and prophecy have been calling committed Christians to this area for generations.

The climate is exceptional and consists of four seasons. A very mild winter with minimum snowfall provides maximum opportunity for production with limited inconvenience including year-round vegetable and fruit production in state-of-the-art greenhouses featuring the latest in organic aeroponic production.


Next generation graphene solar will produce 100% of the anticipated energy needs supplemented by diesel and biofuel backup generation.

An Exeptional Climate



If you too are being called and wish to be part of our community, please contact us:

The Lord is calling a group of like-minded individuals to prepare and create a Safe Haven Sanctuary for His congregation. This assembly is creating a completely off the grid, independent, self-sufficient, Christian community that will honor Him in fellowship, worship and service.


Amazing Water Resources

Incredibly crystal-clear rivers, lush mountains with peaks at over 1200 feet and valleys of 600 feet. There are amazing water resources, springs, brooks, streams, ponds and rivers of clean water abound not to mention prolific and vast underground aquifers.

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