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Allow me to share with you our story of how our family, ended up in Arkansas, a place we had never been, to start a new chapter in our life at a time when most our age would be looking for a place on the beach to retire.

Our Journey

It started many years ago. In the 1970’s actually. Just out of college, society was going thru excessive inflation, gold and gas prices were skyrocketing. I began studying the causes and saw the cracks in the foundations of our society, financial system, spiritual integrity that concerned me and began my quest for preparedness.


The situations that were the cause of those problems were not fixed then and have not been fixed since. They have only been papered over and are actually much worse now 50 years later. Through one crisis after another the problems have not been solved but have been covered up kicking the can down the road and making the problem bigger until it is believed by many to have become basically unsolvable without a complete over hall.


That time may now be upon us.


Spiritually, financially, and as a society.



During the last 50 years it has been a continual boom and bust cycle, but through the ups and downs we have always remained concerned with the sense that it is prudent to prepare for uncertainties. To have some insurance if things go wrong.


For that reason, we have always had food storage, a generator, heirloom seeds even when we didn’t have an active garden. We, for many years, had a safe haven in Wyoming, but sold it in 2015. Since then we have been feeling really vulnerable. Wyoming was great but the winters and terrain were rugged. We have been searching since for a safe haven in Florida, but it did not materialize despite our consistent efforts.


As things have deteriorated in society it has more and more become apparent that we are in new times and that a new level of diligence and prayer are required to be adequately prepared for what we may now be facing. We no longer felt that we could create a safe haven in Florida. We were pushed to be away from the coast and population centers. That lead to prayer and exploration that led us to prophetic visions of others.


We searched and prayed over what we found. Then we went to explore in person. We believe there are a number of safe havens, and that different people may be called different places.


We know we are being called to the beautiful mountains and rivers of the Ozark Mountains of Missouri, Arkansas and Oklahoma, much to our surprise.

Please read on about our vision of growing a community under The Lord's watchful eye.

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